The Best Smartphones to Sell for the Holidays

November 15, 2019

According a new report released November 13, 2019, the mobile phone market is projected to continue to increase in revenue and units sold through 2024. This news likely doesn’t surprise the majority of U.S. smartphone retailers, who have watched revenue increase as new models and smartphones – from the Samsung Galaxy 10 and 11 to the iPhone 11 and others – fly off the shelves as they hit the market.

The report came out just in time for the U.S. holiday shopping season, a well-known time for retailers to sell out of the most popular smartphones they stock. From the day after Thanksgiving until after the New Year, consumers are in a shopping frenzy, looking for the best deals for themselves and their loved ones.

Not sure which phones to stock during the holidays? These are the top selling smartphones for 2019, according to Gadgets Now. Contact Issoy today to stock these phones and their accessories to guarantee yourself a profitable holiday season.