The New Fast-Charging iPad Pro 2021

January 13, 2021

As anyone with a smartphone or tablet will tell you, a piece of portable technology is only as good as its battery. What good is a tablet’s compact nature if you’re constantly searching for somewhere to plug it in?

Thankfully, tablet manufacturers have taken up this challenge and are working hard to make batteries longer lasting. Apple is at the forefront of this research and rumors have it the new 2021 iPad Pro will become a front runner in this aspect. Not only is the charging capacity supposed to be higher than other tablets, the newest version of the iPad is supposed to be set up for rapid charging capacity, too.

But those aren’t its only bells and whistles. The newest iPad from Apple is also supposed to be the first of their tablets that will be 5G compatible. It is also rumored to have a wireless Apple pencil charging strip, Touch ID and Face ID security options. Other features include:

 Apple usually doesn’t release a new iPad every year, which makes their 2021 tablet a bit of surprise, since they released a 2020 version. However, the 2020 iPad wasn’t much different than its 2018 version, except for the addition of a LIDAR sensor. The new 2021 model is expected to be more of a solid upgrade from previous versions.

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