Three Reasons to Buy a Case with a Smartphone

September 08, 2020

According to a poll from, the majority of smartphone users replace their phones every two to three years. During that time period, a lot can happen to a phone, especially since many people are more attached to their phones than they are to their wallets. Considering that most smartphones cost anywhere between $400 and $1200, keeping the phone in a protective case is an essential step in protecting their investment.

As a smartphone accessories retailer, one of the most important products you can stock is a variety of phone cases. By buying the most popular phone cases in bulk, you’ll be able to help your customers keep their phones protected until they’re ready to come back and buy another one. If you encourage those customers to buy a protective case at the same time, you’ll be building trust, which leads to more repeat customers.

Here are several reasons to buy a smartphone case that you can pass on to your customer.

Protect Their Investment

This is the most obvious one, but it’s a good idea to point out the many ways a cell phone case can offer protection. Many smartphone cases protect against drops and sudden impact. They protect screens from scratches and cracks. They can be an added level of protection if the phone is dropped in liquid or accidentally left outside in the rain. Not only will the case protect against breakage, it can also help with the resale value of the phone, making it easier to trade it in later.

More Adventure

Aside from protecting from everyday wear and tear, phone cases can also offer additional protection for the more adventurous owner. Waterproof cases let users can use their phones underwater. They can keep the phone insulated to protect from major temperature changes, so skiers don’t have to worry about their battery dying while they’re trying to video their friend’s mogul run. Many are compatible with external lenses for better pictures and videos of worldwide adventures.

Unique Style

For the fashion savvy, the number of stylish phone cases is staggering. Since there are so many price points for cell phone cases, users can buy a new one each season, to match their outfit or reflect their mood. 

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