Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Hackers

December 06, 2020

As smartphones gain not just popularity but also use to show ID, pay for goods and more, it’s increasingly important to make sure your smartphone is safe from hackers. Here are some tips from Issoy, Inc. that you can pass on to your customers to keep their phones safe and to better protect their data.

Download from Trusted Sources

The first and most important way to avoid hackers is to make sure you’re only downloading apps from trusted sources, such as the Google Play and the Apple App Store. Google and Apple vet the apps before adding them to their ranks, ensuring they’re free of issues and following strict security protocols. Although this isn’t a 100 percent guarantee that you won’t get a mobile trojan, the apps in these stores are generally safer than those available online by a large margin.

Be Careful with the Permissions

When you install an application, it may ask you which permissions you’re willing to grant it. In many cases this is a legitimate request – Instagram will ask for permission to access your camera, for example. However, many of these apps will ask for permissions that they don’t need and shouldn’t have access to, including your contacts and the microphone. On Android, these may include read SMS, device admin, accessibility services (with features for users with disabilities) and draw over other apps. 

Avoid These Files and Downloads

Here’s an additional list of the types of downloads to avoid:

Other Tips