What to Stock During Coronavirus Isolation

March 05, 2020

As businesses scramble to continue to do business during coronavirus isolation, it’s important to take into consideration how consumer needs will change during the crisis. There are two different ways this applies to technology: keeping electronics clean and working, and helping to keep people entertained while they’re stuck at home. Here are some tips of what to stock for both situations:

Phone Accessories

During the coronavirus outbreak, people are relying more on their smartphones than ever to keep in touch. External/extra battery packs are a great item to stock, both in case of issues with power sources and also because people are less likely to want to use a public outlet to recharge their phone. The same is true for car chargers, for the same reason. As people self-isolate, any way to help them keep their phone charged is a way to keep their lifeline to the rest of the world working. 

As more people have to start working from home, having quality headphones for phone calls is essential. Even if they’re not fielding work calls, talking to friends and family members is much easier with earphones that have great sound.

Other than sanitizing, another way to keep a phone clean is to keep it in a case that you can take off and clean more thoroughly. This is a great reason to keep a stock of the most popular phone cases on hand.

Video Games and Accessories

People are going to be stuck in their homes a lot more, especially as states implement shelter in place policies like California did on March 20. Keeping your stock of video game consoles, video games and accessories like virtual reality headsets means you’ll have something to offer your customers to stave off the boredom.

Online Ordering

If you haven’t yet, consider implementing an online ordering system, curbside pickup or a free shipping option. All of these are ways to ensure your business stays viable during these uncertain times.

For help picking out the inventory that your customers will need during social isolation, contact Issoy today.